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Specialist in Domiciliary Care, Supported Living Care & Recruitment Agency Service.

Care Services UK

Quality Living Care leans on our core values which are Empathy, Respect, Compassion, Encouragement and Commitment to improve lives.

We thrive in valuing and respecting the benefit that professional care workers contribute to the community.
We provide employment opportunities to our staff based on knowledge and ability to provide the right care to our clients.

Care Services UK

We Provide:

  • Domiciliary Care

    We give utmost care to our ageing elders.

  • Supported Living Care

    We provide supported living care services UK.

  • Recruitment Services

    First Time Carers | Nurses | HCA | Support Workers (For Mental Health, Disability, Elderly, Young People, Befriender)

  • Staffing Solutions

    Permanent Shifts Available | Part-time Shifts Available

  • Training Services

    First Time Carers | Health Care Assistants (HCA) | Support workers

  • Career Opportunities

    Nurses | Health Care Assistants (HCA) | Support workers | Mental Health Workers

  • Job Satisfaction

    First Time Carers | Nurses | HCA | Support Workers

For our domiciliary clients, we offer specialist home care for those with dementia and with disability. We offer personal care, general assistance at residence and a friendly company to alleviate loneliness.

We are flexible and agile so that we can be fit for the future. We do everything we can to respond to the individual and changing needs of our clients.

We are professional and committed to reflection and continuous learning. We have high standards, and we learn and improve by reflecting together.

We are creative, and passionate about positive change. The best insights into how to create change come when we listen to our clients.

Care Services UK

We are looking for hard workers, positive minded people with the right values and abilities, right skills that encourage excellent person- centred care and experience.

We will help you get started in your recruitment plan and get it right.

Care Services UK

We offer Full time, Part time, Temporary, Permanent, Long term shift cover, Short term shift cover, flexible shifts contracts.

Quality Living Care is run by qualified and experienced personnel who are hardworking, compassionate and professional.

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We know that trusting relationships transform lives, and our staff and carers work to promote positive relationships with our clients and their families and friends. We are always looking to improve how we work together within Quality Living Care and how we work with our commissioners and supporters. To find out more please contact us.